Captivating and intriguing an audience are what I do best.

I customize each talk to the culture of the audience and environment.
I bring a fresh, thought-provoking perspective to conventional health and wellness wisdom.
I deliver something everyone can understand and are delighted to discover.

By welcoming everyone to participate and bringing a warm, upbeat energy, my speaking style feels more like a friendly conversation than a pedantic lecture.

I love to fascinate by weaving the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine into whatever the topic of the hour may be: nutrition, personal development, building self confidence or dispelling stress.

Everyone walks away feeling inspired, illuminated and equipped to take action toward positive change. Easy-to-implement tools eliminates overwhelm and compel swift action.

Talks and workshops can be tailored to your group’s needs: from 1 hour lunch and learns to 3 hour immersion workshops, there are a range of options for length of engagement and topic of discussion.

Want more details on themes, topics and takeaways? Just shoot me an email kristin@kristinmisik.com.

What People Say

Kristin’s nutritional seminar was everything we wanted for the dancers in our full-time professional training.
Kristin’s nutritional seminar was everything we wanted for the dancers in our full-time professional training programs at Broadway Dance Center -- profoundly informative, imminently compelling, and infinitely pragmatic. She delivered cutting-edge nutritional information in an easy-to-digest (ha) format to empower our students to make great choices in this area that so critically affects their success.
Bonnie E. Erickson
Director of Educational Programming / BDC
Kristin’s nutrition seminar was both genuinely informative and pertinent to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
With the demand of scheduling in many high profile jobs, stress of understanding how to stay consistent with a well-balanced diet is the strongest struggle that I see in my clients. She presents innovative ideas about how to achieve a stress-free diet in a way that was easily relatable, whether you are a novice or expert in the fitness world.
Courtnay Mariani
Personal Trainer / KP Dancebody
Kristin brings warmth and vibrancy which invites and engages her audience.
Even with a large group in spacious environment, she is able to connect on a personal level and hold their attention. We continually invite Kristin to speak at our annual corporate Zen Day event because her philosophy on health and wellness are perfectly suited for our needs.
Jerry Lowe
Ernst and Young Zen Day Organizer