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We all know we need to exercise and be physically active, but how do you know whether the activity you are doing is the right type, right intensity and right fit for your body’s needs?   Physical activity is essential not only for weight management, but for emotional and spiritual vitality as well.  Humans were designed for action: lifting, running, bending, squatting, throwing, climbing, digging, pushing, pulling, swimming, stretching and balancing.  There are a wide range of actions our muscles can and need to do in order have a good physical integration evaluation, to maintain healthy muscles mass, joint strength, bone density and cardiovascular health.

While modern life for many demands very little in terms of physical activity, we have evolved from a lifestyle that was intensely demanding on the physical body.  From food scavenging, to shelter building, to transportation, until recently our ability to survive was defined by our physical ability and activity.  The modern age has dramatically reshaped physical activity in our daily lives and this discrepancy manifests as chronic joint pain, immobility, muscle weakness, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, cognitive dysfunction, mental health issues, obesity and diabetes.


Researchers are in the process of understanding how modern lifestyles and present-day disconnection to the natural world contributes to the overall decline of health.  While life expectancy has increased over the centuries, quality of health in our later years has decreased, as evidenced by modern diseases that were previously unknown or rare.

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In a comprehensive study of more than 100,000 people, researchers that found sitting for more than three hours each day decreased life-expectancy regardless of exercise habits. This is just one example of the many ways our modern behaviors adversely affect health.

A simple solution to sitting for too long at work are standing desks.  While a standing desk may be a significant financial investment, the implications to health are well worth the cost.  People are taking the standing desk one step further and adding a treadmill to maximize movement for an otherwise sedentary job.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes moderation as the foundation of healthy living.  According to Chinese medicine philosophy the etiology or origins of disease result from behaviors like physical activity, sleep, food, sex and environmental exposure. How we behave may cause or contribute to disease processes.

Exercise, too much or too little, can lead to imbalances in the body, mind and spirit.  Most Americans do not adequately exercise and stretch, if this is your challenge, a Physical Integration Evaluation will help to establish new habits and goals.

While it is a less common problem, over-exercising can be detrimental to health.  For example, certain populations of people who run ultra-marathons are at an increased risk of cardiological problems than more moderate runners.  Overtraining may cause cause unnecessary stress on muscles and joints.

We are all unique in our needs for physical activity.  While some combination of strength training, cardiovascular and stretching is important for everyone, an individualized approach to lifestyle evaluation is important.  Factors such as age, body type, and health status will determine intensity, frequency, duration and type of exercise.

Patients are encouraged to incorporate variability in their physical activity to improve health.  Activities around the home like gardening, raking or shoveling are fantastic ways to increase variability of movement.

If you have been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, or another debilitating condition, it is important to limit activity to gentle and moderate exercise.  Over-exercising is as problematic as not exercising for these types of conditions.

Exercising outdoors has a multiplying effect on health.  Running, biking or hiking through a forest has the added benefit of enhancing immune function because research has found being among plants is shown to reduce cortisol levels, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and increase in natural killer cells (important for cancer prevention).  Exercising outside also increases exposure to the sun, essential to the manufacturing of vitamin D.

Physical Integration is a service designed to help you create better fitness and exercise habits and help you figure out the best activities for your individual needs.

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