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Work With Me

Acupuncture is just the beginning of the healing work we can do together.

If you feel like it’s time to press pause on life and be really intentional about how you are living, then consider working with me as a coach.   It’s easy to forget how the little choices you make every day are shaping the future of your life in big and unforeseeable ways.

Having someone to guide you through both big and little decisions guarantees you are living your life with intention and purpose.

From dissatisfying careers, to relationships on the brink, to a lifestyle filled with unhealthy habits, how you live and how you feel about yourself is constantly informing the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

If you are serious about making positive, meaningful changes in your life, get support. Accountability is a game changer.  I know this because accountability has been the most important factor for all of my personal and professional successes in life.

It can be hard to ask for help, but once you finally admit you need it, you free yourself from unnecessary struggle.

What I’m getting to is this…

When we work together, you get someone who holds you accountable, will keep you moving toward your goals, and gives you the tools you need to know you are making the best choices for your future self.

When We Work Together

You will have the support of someone who:

  • won’t judge you
  • understands what is needed to make lasting change
  • gives honest, compassionate, insight

You are guaranteed professionalism, confidentiality, and respect.

You’re ready to do this work if you want:

  • more satisfying life experience
  • deeper connection to yourself and others
  • to turn down the volume on daily stress

Don’t go on wondering if you are meant for more, discover now what’s possible!

Three Month Coaching Program

Know what you want. Have a plan. Go get it.

When you know what you want, and make the right choices to support that vision, you are living life intentionally.  I’ll show you how to leverage your strengths, make peace with your weaknesses and prove that you aren’t broken or in need of fixing.

You are a bottomless source of untapped potential.

By cultivating your inner mindset and attitudes, the outside world will change before your eyes.

By decoding the messages of your body as indicators of where your life is out of alignment, I’ll help you create a plan of action specific to your wants, needs and desires.

If you are finding yourself consistently stuck in a painful pattern, going through transition, or your body indicates something needs to shift, you will have 2500+ years of Chinese medicine wisdom and easy to implement tools to make these changes with confidence, grace and integrity.

This program is a minimum of 3 months because it requires consistency and mindfulness to make lasting change happen in your life inside and out.

By devoting yourself for at least 3 months, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn to trust find out where you may have lost faith in yourself and the world
  • Have a clear, executable plan to achieving your goal
  • Develop practices which allow you to feel fluidity vs. stagnation
  • Get personalized guidance and support where you haven’t before

Here’s what happens once you Cultivate the Essential You:

  • Learn to trust yourself and your unique process
  • Realize a strong sense of self
  • Experience deep satisfaction with the life you are living

Also included:

  • Audio recording of each session
  • Living document to keep you on track from week to week
  • 1 personalized meditation + 5 unique elemental mediation
  • Email support between sessions

What Clients Say

Working with Kristin has helped me gain better perspective.
Working with Kristin and understanding my Essential Elemental Archetype has helped me gain better perspective on my own nature and set more realistic goals and expectations for redesigning my outward appearance based on how I feel inside. Her view on health and fitness inspires me to create a firmer, stronger physical body, one in which I feel much more confident.
Kat Moulton
Courage Coach / www.KatMoulton.com
My session with Kristin was life-changing!
Within minutes of asking me a few questions, she had easily identified my issues rooted to my self esteem. Any reservations I had about coaching had nothing to do with Kristin, I was afraid of looking inside myself! Kristin immediately put me at ease and provided me with specific tools to start moving my life in the direction I want to go. She provided me with encouragement and started a fire within me to begin believing in myself again and my abilities to be successful. Kristin helped me to see the person in control of my future, is me!
Maggie Pugesek
Business owner + mother