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Kristin's holistic approach and ability to tap into the discomfort to provide relief has turned me into an acupuncture enthusiast.
As someone with chronic lower back back and arthritis, your healing acupuncture has worked when all else has failed. I love when Kristin throws in that little extra to alleviate stress and anxiety --- even when I don't ask, she just knows.
Stacie M.
Director of Communications
Kristin's energy and belief in what she does is infectious and she has a lovely, warm personality that just made me feel comfortable.
When I suffered my first running-related injury and was in significant discomfort (sometimes pain), I found Kristin, who was referred by a friend.I wasn't really skeptical about acupuncture, but in truth, I also didn't expect to experience the results I did. During my very first visit, I quite literally felt the pain moving or dissipating from where it was centered. And that was that..I was hooked.I began seeing Kristin regularly and have continued to see her even after my original injury healed.I now think of acupuncture as part of my overall health regime and its helped me not only with physical pain/subsequent inquiries but also with stress & anxiety.As for Kristin, she's not only helped me through acupuncture but she's been great at suggesting herbal remedies and/or natural supplements etc. She has officially become my go-to resource for many of health & wellness needs.
Audra Paterna
Human Resources
From the very first treatment, I experienced not only tremendous improvement in my knee, but a sense of calm I had not even realized was missing from my day to day life.
Before working with Kristin, I had never seen an acupuncturist. As a busy New Yorker, I was sufficiently skeptical about the value of acupuncture, as well as the time and cost involved.  But I was also desperately trying to recover from knee surgery and get back to my active lifestyle.  The surgery had left me with significant swelling and pain, which were my primary reasons for seeking out Kristin.  She assured me that she could help with both, and also inquired about what other more regular issues I had that she may be able to address during treatment.Seeing Kristin once or twice a week for the last several months, my improvement has been tremendous and the whole experience such a pleasure.  Kristin is so warm and comforting, smart, funny and just all around caring.  She is obviously an expert acupuncturist, but more than that, I now consider her a friend. She has recommended supplements to me, dished with me about Serial, made sure my headphones were at the right volume for my session and shared restaurant recommendations.  4 months after surgery, I am back running and active and thanks to Kristin, I have a whole new perspective on the value of Eastern medicine.
Meg Davidson
Corporate Attorney
Kristin is intuitive, wise, and laser-focused on designing customized treatments for me - I always leave feeling rejuvenated and the effects last days.
As a performer and entrepreneur, I lead a high-paced, high-stress life.I give her 100% credit for healing my fractured ankle in half the time my doctors said it would take. I'll never forget the time I stumbled into the office with the flu - after 45 minutes of treatment, my symptoms completely disappeared and I was able to go to work that afternoon. I was BLOWN AWAY! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment now.  
Stephanie Carlin
Free Spirits Music
I suffer from horrendous migraines.  Initially, I was hesitant to try acupuncture because of the cost.  Every penny I have paid for acupuncture has been worth it.
Kristin has been a MIRACLE worker in keeping migraines under control. The most noticeable results were from jaw pain. I had been suffering from it for a while and never thought to mention to Kristin.  Once I did, I literally felt relief 5 minutes after the needles were applied.  It was incredible!  I continue to be pain free to this day.   In addition, she has helped with plantar fasciitis - with literally one treatment.   Kristin is from another planet - and I mean that as a total compliment.  It amazes me how she always seems to be happy and positive about life.  She is very knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and will speak to you so that you understand exactly what she is doing and why certain points correspond to various body parts.  She makes you feel at ease, and if you are hesitant to go for a fear of needles, give Kristin a try -  I guarantee you that fear will be gone within 5 minutes of her speaking to you.
Michelle Berke
Human Resources
It is refreshing to find a practitioner who addresses one's acute physical symptoms while striving to manage any chronic issues.
Since my first few treatments to help with pain from the car accident, Kristin has treated me for a broad range of problems including: allergies, migraines, and gastrointestinal and gynecological problems. Kristin is very thorough in her treatment and is extremely attentive to the patient's overall well-being. It is evident that she loves her work and her patients and she always aims to provide the utmost care possible.
Sha Sha Shiao
Film production
After a few treatments, my neck, arm, and leg felt much better, and I was not in chronic pain ALL THE TIME.
I’ve been suffering from severe pains in my neck, down my arm, and right leg for about a year. I was aware of acupuncture but never gave it a try. Since I started my treatment with Kristin, I’ve noticed a big difference during and after her treatment. Often my muscles will relax while in session then my pains will dissipate, leaving my whole body feeling relaxed and in a calm state.Kristin being extremely knowledgeable in the field, I felt I was in good hands. I highly recommend Kristin for she will make a difference to your body.
Jung Yi Sin
After my first treatment I noticed an immediate improvement!
After I ran a half marathon in October of 2015, I was having a lot of back pain.  I stopped running for a few weeks and I did not see any improvement.  I tried physical therapy and that made it a lot worse.I was really coming to my wits end when I started seeing Kristin Misik for acupuncture treatments.   Usually, I would notice a change just about 24 hours after the treatment and the effect lasted 5-7 days.  Generally, my back started to improve.  I did eventually get an MRI and I had a annular tear of one of my lumbar discs.  The treatment is to only do low impact exercises until it heals.  I know it is there, but I don't have any real pain.I would definitely to back to Kristin Misik if the pain came back.
Dr. Jodi Friedman
Medical Doctor
Acupuncture has been an amazing experience for me, hugely due to Kristin.
She has an amazing energy, ability to talk me through the treatments, explain everything, and her general positive vibes, which I cannot say I found in every doctor's office I visited prior.Taking time out of my day to sit with needles in my body didn't necessarily seem like it would be a relaxing activity I would look forward to, but it turns out it is! I love getting to chat with Kristin before we start and also learn from her as she goes through the treatment, and sitting in silence, even with needles involved, is truly a calming and grounding part of my week that I look forward to.Kristin is the best and I highly recommend her and acupuncture to anyone looking to relieve health issues and even just find a way to take time out, manage stress, and reflect and relax on a more regular basis.
Lori Griffin
Marketing Director
Kristin Misik is the bomb!
For many reasons I had made up my mind long ago that acupuncture was not for me, but finally out of desperation I tried Kristin on the recommendation of a trusted massage therapist. Immediately I had unbelievable pain relief from conditions I had been suffering with for months as well as tremendous energy and a new will to live. Kristin helps me with whatever is bothering me at the moment as well as treating chronic problems. She is also an amazing life coach. Working with her has been literally life-altering and I might not have made it this far if not for her. Thank you Kristin!!!
Melissa Slocum
I've referred numerous friends and colleagues to Kristin for everything from sinus pain to tennis elbow.
Everyone has been comforted by her professionalism and friendly manner.
Elizabeth Larkin
Kristin Misik is a top notch Licensed Acupuncturist
A woman of great integrity, enthusiasm, determination, loyalty, and tireless energy, coupled with a great personality. She cares about your constitution and will help you achieve your wellness objective. I guarantee it. My acupuncture sessions have given me back my everyday lifestyle that we all take for granted. Not only am I pain free from my knee but most importantly I have noticed that my stress and blood pressure levels are back to normal and I do not experience sleepless nights. My doctor is very impress with my health. I attribute these results to my listening to my body coupled with the on-going acupuncture sessions with Kristin Misik.
Herb Pacheco
Kristin is incredibly knowledgeable and tuned in.
I've seen Kristin for a whole range of issues, and each time the session with her shifted my energy and relieved my symptoms in quite amazing ways. Kristin is incredibly knowledgeable and tuned in and makes me feel completely relaxed and at ease. She seems to know exactly what's going on in my body when things are off. She embodies the perfect balance between down to earth and spiritual. I haven't been to a traditional doctor in a long time, her treatments are all I need to get back to center. I can't recommend her enough.
Andrea Frank
Kim Kae
I leave every session feeling very thankful for the opportunity... and feeling great!
Kristin is doubly gifted in having a tremendous amount of energy and the ability to harness it, quiet it down and then direct it as needed. I have turned to acupuncture at various times over the last 25 years and found that a great acupuncturist invariably combines their vast knowledge and abilities with a keen ability to intuit. Kristin has that ability. We are still early in our treatment process but the bottom line is my symptoms have dramatically declined/disappeared already. I leave every session feeling very thankful for the opportunity... and feeling great!
Kim Kae
Fine Artist
After 2 sessions with Kristin my pain was gone!
I saw Kristin to help with back pain that I had been dealing with on and off for nearly a year (physical therapy, doctors, and other acupuncturists all provided only basic temporary relief). After 2 sessions with Kristin my pain was gone and 4 months later it has yet to come back! I can't say enough good things about the physical and mental healing I've received with Kristin.
Lindsay Smith
Meredith Kohlbecker
Kristin has become a trusted resource as she has a never ending well of information.
I have been a patient of Kristin’s since October 2014 and have absolutely noticed differences in my health since I became a patient. Prior to seeing Kristin for acupuncture, I was taking antibiotics on average 5-6 times a year ever since a bout of pneumonia about 7 years ago completely wiped out my immune system. I was prone to getting bronchitis, pre-pneumonia, and other bacterial chest infections throughout the year leading me to take a Z-Pac every time I got sick. Since seeing Kristin, I am happy to report that I have not needed antibiotics one time since becoming a patient of hers and I can count on 1 hand the amount of very minor colds I have caught. At the time, starting acupuncture was the only major change I made to my healthcare. I had tried everything under the sun to boost my immunity and avoid getting sick (including; eating a healthy diet, getting lots of sleep, exercise, massage to reduce stress, herbal remedies, purell, you name it!) but acupuncture which came recommended to me by a friend was the first thing, that to me, made a considerable, measurable, and drastic change to my life. I continue to see Kristin now on a monthly basis to reduce stress, boost immunity, and remain balanced. Now, I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and Kristin has become a trusted resource as she has a never ending well of information.
Meredith Kohlbecker
Kristin’s success stems not only from her excellent skills but also from her ability to relate to her clients on a personal level.
She understands that there are many factors involved along the path to wellness and her approach takes into account you as a whole person – your lifestyle, your work, your relationships and stresses – instead of working from an overly theoretical or clinical perspective. Kristin works with me as a unique and ever-evolving individual rather than someone with a bundle of symptoms to be dealt with. Every session is adapted to what is happening for me at that moment and I can honestly say that I leave every session feeling more balanced and with a renewed sense of wellness. Being one of Kristin’s clients has truly been a life-enriching experience.
Erin Murphy
Kristin has been a profoundly positive influence on my life.
Her words and teachings play through my head on a daily basis. She has helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life. I am so lucky to have met and worked with her.
Stephanie Sherwin
Heather Weiss
Kristin exudes an authentic sense of care and consideration, making her a truly exceptional healer and coach.
Kristin exudes an authentic sense of care and consideration, which blended with her talent and wisdom, makes her a truly exceptional healer and coach. One of the best gifts I've given myself this past year is working with Kristin. I would recommend this woman to anyone -- she RULES!
Heather Weiss
Jessie Standafer
Kristin is an incredible healer, coach, and woman in this world.
I have been incredibly blessed by her grounded approach to helping others see their life experiences from a holistic, empowered perspective. The depth of her wisdom, coupled with a gorgeous enthusiasm for life and humanity, has brought me to a new level of awareness and authenticity in my own life. My heart bursts with gratitude for the gifts this woman has brought to me. Kristin is an incredible healer, coach, and woman in this world.
Jessie Standafer


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