We are a week into 2016 and I’m just putting the finishing touches on my vision board.

If you have no idea what a vision board is, it’s a popular tool that people who are into personal development use to help themselves achieve their goals.

I will explain how to make one at the bottom of this post.

I also finally settled on a theme for 2016, the focus this year is “REVERENCE”.  

WTF is a theme for the year you might be wondering?

The word or theme of the year is yet another trend among the self-help gurus.  I happen to love the concept.

The idea is to focus your awareness, attention, and energy on a particular theme or word to shape your year.

You choose something you would like to cultivate more of and make the essence of that word manifest.   In doing so, you should feel more connected and purposeful in your life.

The word you choose can be used to help inform decisions, give direction to your actions, and shape the activities you do on a daily basis.

Last year my word was “charitable”.  I had just come from a financially rough 2014, and as is the case with misfortune, it’s easy to get sucked into “woe is me”. I’m not a “woe is me” kind of gal.

Since I happen to do a lot of research on what makes people happy and fulfilled in life, I knew that by helping others who are less fortunate or in need of help, I would experience a deeper sense of gratitude for my own life, regardless of how much was in my bank account.  

Obviously there was a limit to the amount of money I could give, so I focused on being charitable as much as I could with my time.  

I committed to being a “do-gooder” at least once every month.

I gave away acupuncture treatments to people who desperately needed it but didn’t have the resources to pay, I volunteered for my daughter’s school wherever help was needed, and I donated more food than ever before.  I also gave a few bucks here and there to support local organizations whose values and missions I respect.

The results? 2015 was by far one of my most blessed years and I attribute it to having a focus on someone or something other than myself.

Choosing a word or theme may take a bit of thought and introspection.  I have been tossing around ideas for the past month, when finally my theme for 2016 came to me on the yoga mat this past week.

In a moment of stillness, somewhere between poses, I was suddenly overcome with a deep feeling of respect for each and every individual in the room with me.  A respect for their courage, their pain, their vulnerability, their joy, their humanity.
From there, my feeling of reverence seemed to ripple outward to all life and things of this earth.  This is how I arrived on REVERENCE as my theme for 2016.

While I would love more “material things” in 2016, and in fact there are quite a few of them on my vision board, (a new kitchen and a trip to somewhere tropical),  I also know that focusing on THINGS rather than a STATE OF BEING won’t fill my heart with love, gratitude and contentment, which is what I’m ultimately aiming for anyway.

This leads me back to the vision board and how you can make one for yourself.  I have rudimentary skills on the computer, so you needn’t be a tech wiz to use your computer to create your vision for 2016.  

If, however, you are like my mom, and don’t have the first clue about how to take a screen shot and insert it into a word document, then a pile of magazines and some scissors and glue will work just fine.

Step by step instructions on how to create a vision board.

1.  Write down a list of things you want to manifest into your life in 2016.  Maybe you want a new kitchen, get a promotion, find true love or  love yourself more.  It’s your vision, so include whatever feels aligned with you. You can have as many things on your board as you like.  

2.  Use Google images and type in the word or phrase you are looking to manifest.  As an example from my own board, I want to take my kids out of the US for the first time in their lives, so I searched “passports”.  

3.  Take a screen shot of the image.  

4.  Create a document to insert the screen shots into and arrange however you think it looks good. I used “pages” on my mac because there is a template for “poster” size and I want a large version of my vision board.  

5.  If you went the magazine route, cut out the relevant pictures and then glue them onto poster board.   You could also print out the screen shot images and then cut and glue them onto poster board if that seems easier than making a document on the computer.

6.  Print your vision board.  I send mine to a local printer because I like poster size and my printer doesn’t have that capability.

7.  Hang your vision board somewhere you will see it every day.   


Last year I made the lazy mistake of creating a vision board on Pinterest.  And while that is my favorite place to search for images of things like “dream kitchen”, leaving my board in a virtual cloud meant I wasn’t LOOKING and ENVISIONING on a daily basis.  This is the entire reason why I didn’t manifest that dream kitchen ( HAHA!:)

Final thoughts: I realize you may be wondering what vision boards and word themes have to do with acupuncture.

Everything and nothing.

It is my philosophy that health is more than the sum total of how much you exercise, what you eat, how much stress you feel and your genetic predisposition.  

Your health is dependent upon your entire state of being; body, mind, and spirit.

Lacking purpose, direction and connection, the spirit is starved of essential nourishment.
Take care of your spirit and your body and mind will thrive.

Focused awareness, intention setting and personal development are all food for the soul.

Wishing you a year filled with health, happiness and peace.