Acupuncture for Stress

acupuncture for stress

We live in a time where technology should make our lives less complicated and stressful, and yet the opposite seems to be true.  The line between time at work and time away is blurred when we carry around a constant reminder of things left undone in the palm of our hands. Even parenting has become more stressful: children’s schedules are more demanding than ever before, and don’t forget the long list of worries surrounding safety, academia, social relationships, screen time, health and nutrition. Acupuncture for stress relief is a used practice that treats this condition from its roots.

Caring for a sick relative or aging parent also contributes to anxiety and burnout because the role of care giver is a demanding one, leaving little time for self-care. Our most intimate relationships bear an incredible burden because our time and attention are so completely divided between job, finances, family and planning for the future.  Who has time to work on their relationship when they barely have time to work on themselves?

The complex global, political and human rights issues of our time can hardly escape our attention and concern as these issues affect our day to day life, the people we know and love and the future of our planet.   

On top of these emotional triggers and stressors, we are under physical and chemical assault from environmental pollutants, food preservatives and additives, water contamination, radiation, antibiotic-resistant superbugs and viruses.  Most Americans fail to get adequate exercise, spend way too much time sitting and not nearly enough time engaged in fun, playful, healthy activities that are proven to enhance health and quality of life.   

In spite of eating three squares per day, many people aren’t meeting the nutritional demands of the body.   Nutrient deficiencies are stressful and unnecessary in a time when nutrient diversity is readily available on grocery store shelves and farmers markets. We have been seduced into believing convenience foods will make our lives better by saving us time and money, when in fact they are making us sick and their associated costs are much higher than the price on the label.  

Stress is responsible for more than 95% of all diseases.  The importance of managing stress for our longterm health and vitality should not be taken lightly.  Stress is inevitable and the stressful nature of our lives is unlikely to change any time soon.  

Research has shown acupuncture for stress relief works to alleviate this condition by down-regulating the hormones that flood the body when we are under stress.

These stress hormones are responsible for creating systemic inflammation, which contributes to symptoms like:

  • joint pain
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • bloating
  • gas
  • irritability
  • PMS
  • infertility
  • fibromyalgia
  • recurrent colds
  • seasonal/indoor allergies

Chronic stress causes our cells to age more rapidly, creates an environment ripe for cancer cells to proliferate, and disrupts normal hormone activity in the body.

Through acupuncture for stress releief, nutrition and lifestyle modification we can reduce the harmful effects of stress and decrease our likelihood of developing chronic illness and disease.

For decades Western medicine has focused almost exclusively on the treatment of disease by targeting symptoms, while failing to address the triggers or root causes of these conditions.  This approach and paradigm are unsustainable both financially and physically.  This is how we have become a nation of disease management rather than disease prevention.

Since the discovery of the human genome, we’ve been sold into the notion that having a genetic predisposition to a disease all but guarantees our fait;  when in fact this is not at all true.  Our genetics play an important role in our health, but it is our lifestyle, behaviors and beliefs which exert a far greater impact.   You can dramatically improve your odds of a healthy future by taking preventative measures today.  Just as we save money to prepare for the future, we need to start making deposits into the “health account” now.  The old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.

In as little as one acupuncture for stress treatment, most people experience an improvement in their stress levels.  An acupuncture for stress treatment for easing stress calms the body within minutes of the insertion of needles.  Many patients fall asleep during their treatment; a sign that they are in a deeply relaxed state.  When you sleep or enter a state of relaxation, the body is has the optimal conditions for healing, repairing and regenerating.  

Many people experience a state of euphoria after acupuncture and find they sleep better that night.  For those patients who also experience symptoms of insomnia, many report better quality sleep following the treatment.  
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