Acupuncture Manhattan, NYC

Located in the heart of Manhattan, acupuncturist Kristin Misik is part of a larger team of health care providers at 43rd Street Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Our beautiful, modern facility offers a variety of services including; acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical doctors, and massage therapy.

This vibrant and bustling health care practice is fully staffed and serves neighborhood residents, Broadway performers and stage hands, commuters passing through the Port Authority, as well as many local corporations like Viacom, Morgan Stanley, Ernst and Young, Thompson Reuters, Google, Facebook, The New York Times, FX Networks, and Fox News.

Call 212-315-1412 to schedule your appointment.

311 W 43rd St #206, New York , 10036, USA
Phone:(212) 315-1412
Monday 11am-8pm
Thursday 11am-8pm