Hey there, I’m Kristin!

You’ve already figured out that I’m an acupuncturist, coach, and speaker. Now I want you to know why I chose this path (or it chose me.) My professional bio is at the bottom of this page, but along the way you can find out who I am and what makes me tick.

I’m a woman on a mission to help you feel like the best version of yourself and inspire you to enjoy a healthier life.

I believe it’s my responsibility to leave this world better than I found it, and to contribute to the collective healing of humanity. In order for there to be peace on our planet, we as individuals have to be at peace with ourselves and in harmony with our own lives. I can help you achieve that through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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Learning to Balance on Needles

You might expect a wholesome girl from the great state of Wisconsin to have pursued a more conventional career path, but that’s not how things turned out for me. I’m anything but conventional: from flying on a trapeze to climbing human water ski pyramids or performing in the Mermaid Parade, I’ve always followed my adventurous and oftentimes nonconforming instincts.

Patients usually want to know, how did I get into this? The answer is pure luck. Almost 20 years ago, a friend gifted me my first acupuncture treatment. I didn’t have a clue what I was in for, and I wasn’t suffering from any maladies at the time. But it sounded culturally exotic and piqued my curiosity. After that initial treatment and the feeling of uncommon serenity and balance that followed, I was hooked. I had found my calling, passion, and purpose.

Every day, Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to fascinate and inspire me. The time-tested methodologies, philosophies, and insights inform not only what I do in my clinic, but how I embrace life, respond to adversity, parent my daughters, and nourish my body and mind. It’s not a religion, trend, cult, or club. It’s simply a blueprint for a healthier, more peaceful way to live – which we all understandably yearn for amidst the chaos of our modern experience.

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My Secret Sauce

Curiosity, energy, adaptability, and compassion: these are the ingredients in my recipe for success as a healer. I leave personal judgment at the door and bring an open mind and heart to every patient who entrusts me with their confidential struggles, fears, hopes, and pains. From the aches and troubles of daily life to chronic conditions that just won’t quit, I am here to help you find answers and solutions and feel better.

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Needles + Coaching = Vibrant Living

Why coaching? Because what you do has a direct influence on how you feel – and how you feel determines how you live.

If you aren’t living your life in a way that is congruent with what you value and what inspires you, you won’t ever feel completely healthy, whole, and content.

I began realizing these truths very early on, and coaching my patients was a natural evolution and function of my service as a healer, not a separate career pursuit or side gig. I eventually sought formal training as a coach, to ensure that I deliver the most informed insights and effective strategies possible.

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1+1 = You

If you are curious to see my coaching work in action, it is already inextricably woven into my acupuncture sessions. And when you are ready to engage on a deeper level – to identify and overcome your fears while finding more purpose and meaning that reveals new solutions and options – it’s time to work together 1:1.

The negative things we believe about ourselves, our hardwired knee-jerk reactions to stress, and a lifetime of less-than-healthy habits all conspire to adversely impact our emotional body and internal spirit. Imbalances of the mind and misalignment with the spirit will eventually manifest as physical problems – symptoms of disease and chronic pain. Coaching is a process designed to restore healthy vibrancy and help you live a fully-integrated life.

1:1 coaching enables you to:

  • Identify unwanted patterns and mistaken beliefs that limit your potential, poise, power, and fulfillment.

  • Establish clear, doable goals supported by helpful accountability for predictable success.

  • Harmoniously integrate your work and home life, using specific tools and proven, realistic strategies.

  • Benefit from objective guidance and knowledgeable insight regarding major life choices and changes.

  • Feel supported, engaged, and inspired by a more meaningful, healthy, and interconnected way of being you.

Professional Bio

Kristin Misik is an acupuncturist, coach, and public speaker based in NYC. As a licensed, practicing acupuncturist for more than 15 years, she has helped hundreds of people restore their bodies and minds to healthy, energetic balance and natural vibrancy. Her patients include everyone from Broadway stars to struggling artists and from fitness fanatics to corporate executives. Kristin has been a featured speaker at UN Women, Ernst & Young, and Viacom, and is a contributing writer to the Huffington Post.