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Through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, we will stop pain, restore physical & emotional balance, + uplift your being.

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Jessie Standafer
Jessie Standafer
“Kristin is an incredible healer, coach, and woman in this world. My heart bursts with gratitude for the gifts this woman has brought to me.”
Heather Weiss
Heather Weiss
“One of the best gifts I’ve given myself this past year is working with Kristin. I would recommend this woman to anyone — she RULES!”
Vanessa Musi
Vanessa Musi
“I truly felt at home and loved her style. Kristin unblocked my feeling of stagnation and connected mind body spirit.”
Stephanie Carlin
Stephanie Carlin Singer Songwriter,
“I am BLOWN AWAY! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment now.”
Meredith Kohlbecker
Meredith KohlbeckerMarketing Director
“Since becoming a patient of Kristin’s, I am happy to report that I have not needed antibiotics once.”
Kim Kae
Kim Kae Fine Artist
“Kristin is doubly gifted in having a tremendous amount of energy and the ability to harness it, quiet it down and then direct it as needed.”

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